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Black Protein Snacks

Black Protein Gift Cards

Black Protein Gift Cards

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Black Protein Digital Gift Card 

Give the Gift of Flavour and Choice: Introducing our Black Protein Biltong Gift Card, the ideal present for anyone who relishes the rich, savoury taste of quality biltong. Available in denominations of $25, $50, $75, and $100 AUD, this gift card offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience for your friends and family.

Why Choose a Biltong Gift Card?

Convenience: No more guessing! Let your loved ones choose their favourite biltong flavours and products. Our gift card simplifies gifting, making it easy and stress-free.
Variety at Their Fingertips: With a range of denominations, recipients can explore an array of biltong products – from classic favourites to exotic new flavours. They can indulge in their preferred choices or experiment with something new.
Instant Satisfaction: Perfect for last-minute gifts, our gift card is instantly available and can be used immediately. It’s an efficient way to ensure your gift is both thoughtful and timely.
A Gift That Fits Everyone: Whether it’s for a biltong connoisseur or someone new to this delectable snack, our gift card caters to all tastes and preferences. It’s a versatile gift that’s sure to delight.
Health-Conscious Snacking: For those mindful of their protein intake and looking for healthier snacking options, this gift card is a gateway to a range of high-protein, nutritious biltong products. 

How It Works:

Select the desired denomination and complete your purchase. The recipient receives the gift card electronically – no waiting, no postage delays. They can redeem it on any product in our biltong range, adding products to their cart and using the gift card code at checkout. 

Give the gift of choice, flavour, and convenience with the Black Protein Gift Card. It’s more than just a gift; it’s an experience of taste and quality that every biltong enthusiast will love.

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free

Delivery Information

We ship our Biltong and Jerky products on Monday to Wednesday to ensure that they arrive as fresh and delicious as possible.

Delivery Times:

  • $0 - Free 6-10 Days
  • $10 - Standard (4-8 Days)

Given the perishable nature of Biltong we limit our dispatch on Thursdays or Fridays so that your products aren't waiting with Australia Post over the weekend. Please keep this in mind when ordering as it does extend the delivery time.

Keep your Biltong Fresh

To keep your biltong fresh, store it in a cool, dry spot away from sunlight. Use a paper bag or breathable container to maintain its texture and prevent moisture build-up. Upon opening, avoid plastic bags or airtight containers, as they can trap humidity. For longer storage, freeze the biltong and thaw at room temperature before enjoying. To Learn More visit our article on How To Store Your Biltong Properly.

100% Aussie Air-Dried Beef

Our biltong comes from a simple love for really good beef—that's why we pick only the best Australian grass-fed beef. Instead of piling on the salt during the curing process, we go for a splash of natural vinegar and a handful of spices to bring out all those amazing flavours. Then, we patiently air-dry it the traditional way, making sure every slice is perfectly delicious and still packed with goodness.

Our Packaging

Our biltong products are thoughtfully packaged in black aluminium lined coffee bags, chosen not only for their efficiency in keeping our products airtight during transit but also for their lighter environmental footprint. These pouches cannot be recycled (we are looking at alternatives here), and while they are not the ideal long-term storage solution for biltong, they significantly reduce shipping costs, directly benefiting our customers. They require less material in their production compared to heavier alternatives like tubs, reducing the resources needed and the impact on our planet. When it comes time for disposal, please dispose of in your normal rubbish.

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